Make a Decision

Make a Decision

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Let me see, how many days has it been now? It seems like just yesterday I was standing in line to vote and cashing in on Election Day freebies. Sadly, it has all been reduced to a distant memory. No more worrying about political ads or making sure I have the proper ID. Instead, I’m sitting with everyone at Columbia College Chicago worrying about immediate problems like finding a composer for my documentary. I guess that’s more of a “me” issue rather than a “we” issue.

But in reflection, the candidates weren’t the most interesting part of the election. What I found the most intriguing were the self proclaimed non-voters. You read it correctly. NON-voters! They should be ashamed.

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A point of view is one of those things that separate great artists from…well…run of the mill artists. Don’t get me wrong; many of the most popular and successful artists out there are pretty run of the mill. But the artists that revolutionize the landscape rather than recycle it have the potential to define a generation. The brave artist takes a stand by doing and saying what (non gender specific) he believes. Why? If you have to ask, then you, my friend, are lacking vision.

More than anyone, artists should be clamoring to be at the front of the voting line. We are the one’s charged, whether we want it or not, with capturing the emotions behind social change. We are often the first one’s persecuted and censored. Apathy and the artist should NEVER coexist. Who wants to work with a writer, or director, or producer who phones it in? Hacks do. You have to be bold to move forward. When you don’t, that is when you become a hack.

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All right, all right. I’ll get off my soap box. But before I do…POV is any artist’s stock and trade. If you don’t know that, know it now.