Spotlight on Students: Matthew Jankiewicz

Spotlight on Students: Matthew Jankiewicz

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Creative Writing – Fiction MFA candidate Matthew Jankiewicz, 23, is a true visionary. As co-creator of Daydream Alchemy Press, Jankiewicz is working to bring publishing to a new level.

“We wanted to bring publishing to meet the demands of writers today,” Jankiewicz said over a beer at Vines on Clark in Wrigleyville. Daydream Alchemy Press is a start-up publishing company that will independently produce new works from authors that seek their publishing expertise. Their mission is to create on-demand publications of novels, short story collections, and picture books. They also want to match writers with artists.

Jankiewicz mentioned that company partner Ed Innes wanted to create a publishing company for years, but after he and Jankiewicz met, Jankiewicz’s “creativity and energy encouraged them to move forward” with the publishing press. They are seeking out other talent and hope to turn “the 18-month to two-year publishing process to two months as part of raconteur, creating rapid content development systems,” aligning with their mission to publish work quickly and with timely relevance.

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The company plans to release its first book with Jankiewicz’s own young adult novel Augie Drucker and the 42 Levels of Veritas on November 19. Copies will be available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble‘s websites. Daydream Alchemy Press’ website will go live soon.

On Tuesday, October 9 at 5 p.m., Daydream Alchemy Press will have a panel and demonstration of their publishing concept at McCormick Place South Building, between rooms 503 and 504. It will feature work by Jankiewicz and Venezualean artist Juan Andres Da Corte. The event is free to the public.