New Team Member — <strong>Richard McHugh</strong>

New Team Member — Richard McHugh

New Lab Director, Richard McHugh

As I promised, today I am pleased to introduce the newest member to the Music Composition for the Screen MFA program, Richard McHugh! It has been a pleasure getting to know him over the past week or so, and it has become apparent that he is the perfect addition to the team!

My first introduction to Richard was back in April when I came to Admitted Student Day, and David was talking to the class about his younger brother who works with CBS doing promo’s and wanted to open up some opportunities to the class if they would like to take a shot at it. I remember being really impressed/jealous that this class had opportunities for national air time through CBS!

Well, the last lab manager, Chris Beckstrom, left the program last year leaving an opening for David to bring up his brother Rich to be the new lab manager, as well as an assistant professor teaching the lab class. He came up the week before school started (right in the middle of a room renovation) and has been working hard ever since to make sure the system/room works well.

Room Renovation. You won’t believe how good it looks now! All it needs now is padded, theater seating (and yes, we’re getting those). I’ll get a picture of the new room once that has been added!

He has a great tech mind and knows software and hardware like nobody’s business. He is amazingly talented with Logic and wants to share with us all he knows.

Richard’s Company, Vision 1 Music

Last year, his company Vision 1 Music sold 69 promo’s to CBS. That’s a great accomplishment for a team of 11 composers, and their samples sound amazing! Richard’s personal website has tons of these samples, and I highly suggest checking them out.

Next week, we’ll go more into his personal life and accomplishments (working on Broadway, as a composer for Disney, as an LA studio musician, etc…). For now, enjoy his music and I’ll see you next week.

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