The Best Summer Job EVER!

Well, it’s official, I have the best “summer job” ever. I’m not sure I will ever top it.

About three months ago, I had a show open in Bologna, and I traveled to Milan. The show included a number of big names, like Cindy Sherman, Ryan McGinley, Martin Creed, and Gabriel Orozco. My images were made “the face” of the show, as they were put on the cover of the catalog and used for all of the publicity (a huge honor, considering the company). Because of that, a PR firm saw my images.

This particular PR firm had just started working with a technology corporation on their 40th anniversary party. They wanted to make a book, celebrating the globalness of their company, specifically the variety of people around the world that work for them. Because of my images, I was contacted about the possibility of shooting the book.

I never like to get my hopes up about things like this, because I am usually one name on a long list of possible artists. However, this time, things went my way. I was awarded the commission and here I am today in Italy for my first day of work.

Over the course of the summer I will be traveling to Italy, Slovakia, Pennsylvania, Oregon, and Vietnam. I have been given almost complete freedom to go anywhere in the company and photograph anyone I choose, however I want to photograph them. This is a fantastic opportunity (not to mention the pay), and I get a book and exhibit out of it. I will be back in Italy in October for the exhibit and celebration of the company’s anniversary.

Like I said, best summer job ever!