In Anticipation of Summer

The waiting beach in Two Rivers, WI.

So, I feel a little bad about my posts of late. I usually really want to highlight specific events in addition to the day-to-day stuff. But, honestly, there’s been so much going on that I’ve been having a hard time whittling it down into succinct posts. This one isn’t going to be different. I’m going to talk today about how excited I am about the summer.

As I write this, we are two days away from the end of the semester, which means wrapping up projects, finishing up presentations, and making a lot of statements that sound like “we’re almost there” or “just two more days.” My second year has been much more hectic than my first, mostly because of all of the external (or at least additional) things I’ve been involved in. Being an officer in Pulp, Ink, and Thread, volunteering for events held outside of school (talks/workshops), and working as a curator on Material Assumptions have taken up a huge amount of extra time. So, I’m ready to jet.

Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum.

Not to say this summer won’t be busy, or empty of book and paper related awesomeness. On Saturday morning, my fellow members of PIT and I will jump in the car and head to Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum for a weekend of volunteering. We will help the museum directors organize and catalog and hopefully get to jump on a press here and there. We’ve been wanting to volunteer up at Hamilton for a year (since the last Wayzgoose). So, we’re all very excited the trip is finally happening.

I’ll also be going to Penland School of Crafts for a few weeks in May/June and taking a class with Paul Wong of Dieu Donne in New York (!!!). This will no doubt be thrilling, and I can’t wait.

One more shot of Two Rivers, WI.

There will also be a smattering of fantastic road trips, including a tour of the mid-west and a trip to South Carolina. So, if I can just get through the next two days…adventures await!!!

And no worries– I’ll continue to post through the summer and keep you up to date on all the book and paper adventures to come.