Those Third Years Did Pretty Good: Thesis

By CJ Mace

So I know my fellow ambassador Mike St. John has already written a thesis themed post (and that there is another good one coming up soon!), but as a second year viewing the InterArts Thesis Exhibition, I wanted to give some props to my colleagues. The exhibition was wonderful. There was such a diverse range of work and all of it was executed so well. There was paper, books, performance, and interactive installations.

Work by Trisha Martin

Because it’s the end of the semester, I’ve been spending hours and hours up at school in the studio trying to wrap up all of my end of the semester projects. So I was there to witness the hours upon hours upon hours the third years spent installing all of their pieces. The magnitude of their projects was so impressive. Everything looks so gigantic this year – giant wall murals, huge paper pieces hanging from the ceiling, a fifty foot long hallway installation, a wall of text with projections. Seeing all of the work go up made me feel so many things, well mostly three things: totally thrilled by my colleagues’ achievements and then totally terrified in anticipation of my own thesis exhibition next year, and then excited for my own thesis exhibition next year too.

It was amazing to see how all the projects changed and evolved over the course of the last year. I didn’t have an idea at all about how most of the pieces would end up looking, which made it even more exciting/surprising when the opening came along.

I don’t have any idea what my thesis exhibition will look like. But, I’m looking forward to the summer, to think and plan and create.

Installation by Temple Jantu-tu Cunningham

Great job fellow InterArts folks. The exhibition will be up until May 18. I highly encourage a visit. You will not be disappointed.