Great Fun had at RFK’s Gallery Gala Event

Rock For Kids Shifting Focus committee members: Nikki Hartel, Sarah Newby, Lucia Palmarini and Alex Colindres. Photo taken by Donna Neddo.

My Rock For Kids (RFK) Shifting Focus fundraising event at Hinge Gallery was fun-fabulous.  Throughout the night, there were around 100 people that came to support.  I was totally amazed by the support of our sponsor, Audiotree, contributing artists, family, friends, fellow students, RFK supporters and others who came to check out the exhibit.

All Images provided by Donna Neddo. Special thanks to Scott Renfro and Ashleigh Moyer for pouring wine (top left photo, pictured third and fourth).

Putting together this event was a lot of work.  I think that my fellow committee members, Alex Colindres, Sarah Newby, and Lucia Palmarini would agree.  Everyone really stepped up to make this event successful.

What truly made our event a winner was the art.  I believe we delivered on providing great art.  I felt like I could “look into” some of the pieces all night.  I wasn’t always sure what I was looking at, but I kept wanting to stare. While some of the other pieces provided some sort of connection, many of Palmarini’s pieces had this effect on me.

Work by Lucia Palmarini and top image by Donna Neddo.

I enjoyed being able to talk to Lucia about how the photograph pictured above made me feel.  We spoke about the relationship between the little girl and the father-like figure in the photograph.  You can see by the look on her face that something is coming and there seems to be some sort of urgency.  Palmarini revealed to me that she took this photo right before a damaging storm hit.  Palmarini had a story behind each of her photographs, which was really meaningful to me and other attendees.  Please reach out to her via e-mail at, if you have questions or are interested in her works.  Also, check out her Tumblr page.

I was also pleased with the success we had in raising funds for the organization.  I think that by having signed music posters and great music at the event (spun by none other than the rad Mark Anzelc) really tied the event together.  The wine and snacks probably helped too.

The best beat dropper, Mark Anzelc. Photo taken by Donna Neddo.

This event allowed me to try something new and I am proud of myself.  The contemporary art world was something foreign to me, but I felt like it would be something unique for Rock For Kids.  I think that industry cross-over in the arts is an important trend to be aware of and can be a tool that is useful and enjoyable.

A special thank you is due to the contributing artists: Zack Balber, Tim Buwalda, Debbie Carlos, Alex Colindres, Sarah Newby, Lucia Palmarini, and Typoe.