Secondary Student Teaching- Week 3

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I happen to be student teaching two Photo One classes that pretty much have the assignments planned in advanced. This last assignment that the students turned in, that I get to grade, is called Up, Down, and Through. Basically, the assignment was to shoot pictures from above, below, and through different objects, architecture, etc…

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Challenges for the students in my two photography classes include working the aperture on the camera’s, creating an interesting composition within the frame of the lens, and making artist decisions based on depth of field and placement of the objects in the composition.

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Other challenges in photography include getting over that hurdle of understanding the importance of correctly processing the film and developing photographs. Patience is tested in and out of the darkroom. I feel that right now, with the students only having one assignment processed, printed, and dry mounted. They are still getting used to the process. Therefore, the students are asking me to choose the best exposure time in their test strips. At this point, I am explaining why I choose each specific exposure time. I think for the third assignment, the following assignment, I will ask them to tell me what time they think is best. Then slowly tell them that they should start making those decisions on their own unless they are having difficulty with a print.

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