More Than Just Dinner & A Show…

More Than Just Dinner & A Show…

Rhys Darby taking picture with AEMM Students.

On Friday, March 9 a group of Arts, Entertainment & Media Management students ventured to Second City Studios.  Shahin Murray organized an Arts Management Network outing that allowed us to meet with Second City professionals.

Dionna Griffin-Irons – Director of Outreach & Diversity and Second City Detroit Alumna

Anthony Leblanc – Second City Touring Company Director and Mainstage alumna

Jim Carlson – Head of Improv Advanced Improvisation & Second City Director/Performer

There were approximately twenty of us that participated in a group discussion about issues in the arts industry.  These issues were about marketing, branding, industry cross-over events, and finding a balance in taking work that is about the art and still getting paid.

Interactive Second City Panel.

It was nice to hear industry professionals confirm what I am already thinking.  The AEMM program has definitely given me a stronger sense of the market, what steps I need to take to succeed, and confidence.  Graduation is right around the corner, and it is time to find a job.

After the panel discussion, we went over to UP Comedy Club for dinner and a show.  We were the first group in the theatre and were able to hang out with one another and order food and beverages.  Flight of the Concords’ Rhys Darby made all of us laugh with his silly yet spot-on sound effects, strange on-stage movements, and self-deprecating stories.  If you ever have the opportunity to see him do stand-up, DO IT.

Rhys Darby performing at Up Comedy Club.

It was a great outing.  It was a unique opportunity paired with a much-needed night of fun.  After the show, we ventured across the street to Old Town Ale House where the laughter continued.  It was cool to spend time with the first year students, hear their perspectives, and talk about professors, projects, post graduation plans, and life.

It is important to take advantage of these moments, because after graduation it won’t be the same.  We won’t be able to see each other on a regular basis.  Certain people will move, careers will take off in different industries, and things, well, they just change.  Such is life.  While I am nervous, I am looking forward to graduation and the changes that lie ahead.