This is How We Do It!

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So what has two thumbs and is totally psyched? This guy! Funny, huh? But the real question is why? Let me tell you. It’s time for rehearsal for my project “Casual Encounters.” This is what film school is all about; being in front of warm bodies and working weeks before we actually have to get on set.

Do you even know what I’m shooting? I’m going to have to ask you to forgive me. I can’t remember if I’ve told you about my current project, and I’m not going to go back into my old blog posts to find out. That’s your job. Anyway, I’m doing a project about a man who sets up a meeting with a cross dressing prostitute.

This is why I came to film school. I’m finally able to film riveting stories about complex characters, shake the craziness from my head, and put it on the screen. Heaven help me. But I can’t do it properly unless I rehearse.

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Last semester we took Directing I. In this class they addressed how directors should communicate with the actors rather than barking orders. But you’ll never get that far unless you rehearse. I used to make those mistakes. I’d tell them to be louder, or do it faster. But that’s not right. And that’s what I’m learning. So here’s a tip for all you up and coming directors. Start thinking a metaphor.

Usually I would never talk about what went on in rehearsal, but I’ll make an exception. I’ve been putting my cast, Giovanni and Rob, through the gauntlet. My focus has been movement and body work. This is because I think the most important thing to make this project a success is trust.

You’ve got to understand something. I love rehearsal. I really do. I’m not sick or sadistic. I’m far from it. I love the process. Rehearsal isn’t just about repeating lines and drilling blocking. I mean, repeating and drilling is a major part of it, but it’s not JUST that. Rehearsal is a place to feel safe while you take risks. Actors are exposing themselves and directors are trying shape their world.

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Rehearsal isn’t just about the actors. It’s also about the director. It is the first chance we get to see if our vision makes any sense. Because when the actors start working and interpreting your words or your instructions as far as how to relate to character, it should be reflection of your taste and your ability to communicate.