Student Teaching- Elementary Week 5

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Collagraph Printing!

For those who haven’t read my past blog posts, I have been working on a Collagraph Printing lesson where the students look at animals that use camouflage to blend into their environment.

What is Collagraph?

A print-making process where various materials are glued to a piece of card board (recycled cereal boxes) to create a raised texture.

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Here is the Collagraph lesson broken down into Day Lessons:

Day 1: Students created a linear drawing of a lizard on  hard card board and cut it out with scissors.

Day 2: Students added texture to their lizards by gluing down string, crumbled paper, and pieces of cardboard to create a pattern on their lizard.

Day 3: Students finished adding texture to their lizard collagraph plates and then created textured tree bark with construction paper and black and brown tempera paint mixed with glue.

Day 4: Students began PRINTING their collagraph lizards.

Day 5: Students then glued their prints and backgrounds to be framed with construction paper. (Next Week)

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Finished Masterpieces will be posted soon!