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It’s that time of year again: after a month of holidays and hibernation for many, things are stirring up at Columbia again as the Spring 2012 semester kicks into gear.

I’ve had the opportunity to pause and reflect over winter break about my time at Columbia, to take in how far I’ve come since I first started in August.  After dedicating so much time, energy, and focus to my studies last fall, and sometimes struggling in the process, when the semester ended it was deeply gratifying – and relieving – to be able to take a real break from school and step back from the world of filmmaking for a bit.  The film world is a busy one, and the community at Columbia is no exception: there is always something more to do, and especially when you’re learning (which takes far more energy and focus than it does to do a job on “autopilot”), the time and energy commitment can really add up.

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Sometimes we forget in the hustle and bustle the importance that rest can have for us, the quality it can add to our lives, and its necessity in restoring us to our full capacity when we’re worn down.  Rest is not only an essential aspect of life, but it’s vital to the creative process.  True creativity and insight springs not from activity, but from the spaces in between.  It’s easy to lose sight of this sometimes, especially in the world of producing.

After being pushed and challenged to grow throughout the fall semester, the space of winter break has shown me where I now stand.  Every storm I’ve weathered at Columbia has made me stronger.  I am much more confident and capable today than I was only a few months ago.  I’m also ready to take my work to the next level: this semester I’ll not only be focusing on my classes, but I’ll be developing and producing my first film at Columbia, which looks like it will be a 16-minute relationship drama.  And after everything I’ve learned so far, I’m up for the challenge.

As the semester begins and a new chapter at Columbia kicks off for me, I’m looking forward to entering the fray again and sharing how it all unfolds!