Thinking Through Making

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Every first year student in Book and Paper has to take a course called Thinking Through Making. In this course you spend five weeks in the print shop, five weeks in the paper studio, and five weeks in the bindery. This process brings everyone to an equal skill level and qualifies the new students to use all of the facilities at the Center for Book and Paper Arts.

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At the end of each fall semester, the Book and Paper student organization, Pulp, Ink, and Thread, showcases some of the work produced by the first years in our student gallery space, The Galley. Because the first years don’t have classes with any second or third years their first semester, the Thinking Through Making show is a great way for us to see their work and get introduced to them. Thinking Through Making is also available to students on the Media side of the program. They can take as many sections as they would like and afterwards have access to our studios. So, there are a few pieces by those students up in The Galley too!

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This semester there’s some great stuff up. I look forward to seeing what else all these new folks crank out in the semesters to come!