GL-CMA: To apply, or not to apply.

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In addition to the Dance/Movement Therapy & Counseling program, Columbia College Chicago also offers two other movement based  programs, the Graduate Laban- Certificate in Movement Analysis (GL-CMA) and Movement Pattern Analysis Consultant Certificate (MPACC).  The latter two programs differ from the DMT & C program in that in completion, one receives a certificate rather than a Master’s Degree.  Currently, I am contemplating if I should apply to the GL-CMA program or not.

The GL-CMA program extensively covers the work of Rudulf von Laban (pictured above), a dancer and movement theorist who created Labanotation (pictured below) and Laban Movement Analysis.  Most dancers are familiar with Laban’s ideas since they are often integrated in technique and choreography classes. The discussion of applying or not applying seems kind of silly since my body is already telling me what I should do (us DMT & C folk are obviously very somatic).  However, I still want to take a moment to hash it out.

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  1. The GL-CMA certificate will broaden my scope of understanding movement that I can apply to my professional career as a dance/movement therapist.  This will be beneficial to the clients I work with in the future.
  2. The types of jobs I can apply for will broaden.  In completing the GL-CMA program, I will be a certified mover analyst.  So, not only will it help me as a dance/movement therapist, but I could also be a movement coach and/or conduct Laban related workshops for other professionals.
  3. If accepted into the program, I would take class with Warren Lamb, who directly worked with Laban himself.  How cool is that?
  4. Since I am currently in the DMT & C program, I will get a credit deduction since some of the curriculum overlaps.


  1. More time and money.  Enough said.
  2. I would more than likely have to stay in Chicago for another year, which isn’t all that terrible.

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So, although I have not officially made a decision I am definitely leaning in the direction of applying.  I better stop wasting time though, applications are due December 15th.