R3 – Graduate Student Exhibit

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Critical Encounters is a “college-wide initiative intended to synchronize conversations between the school and the community in an ongoing dialogue around a central, socially and culturally relevant issue, each academic year.”

Every year the Art Education MAT program at Columbia College Chicago holds an art exhibition that is centered on a particular theme.  This year’s theme is tied into Critical Encounters, Rights, Radical’s, and Revolutions.

I love exhibition events, because they’re a great opportunity to discuss process and intention with various artists.  In addition, I feel that after every exhibition I walk away with more knowledge then I had when I entered the exhibit.  By the time the exhibit is over, I receive a boost of inspiration, and I want to rush home to create more art work.

Come join me, and receive a fresh boost of INSPIRATION!

Exhibition Details:

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Rights, Radicals, and Revolutions is a part of Columbia College Chicago’s initiative in Critical Encounters, which

challenges students as well as our larger community to investigate how systems of hierarchy and oppression are critiqued and disrupted. From the spoken word to scientific intervention, we seek to provoke debate, encourage civic engagement and promote actions of social justice.

We hope you join us at the opening of the MAT Education Graduate R3 Exhibit! If not, the R3 Exhibition runs from November 16th to December 14th.