Calm Before the Storm

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With mid-semester come the big projects. I’m not sure what other programs are doing, but I’m working on the Production 1 shoot, a directing project and a major script. I keep trying to break the habits, but I’ve slipped back into pulling the all-nighters. I’m telling you this because I know there is a better way. If I articulate it, I think I have a better chance of manifesting the behavior. This is the time to find the calm before the storm.

I’m going to schedule my time better. I mean it. I’ve joked about dealing with pressure, but its serious business. I always think about the before and after photos of president’s. They seem to age in dog years due to the stress of politics. So why am I putting myself though this over something I truly love?

The other day our professor made a point of saying that we’ve got to take care of ourselves. And stress can really be tough to manage during these tough times. You study long hours and sometimes work extra jobs. and you struggle to find the time for yourself. But you’ve got to. You’ve got to take time to find the calm.

In class we talked about finding healthy diversions. That’s what’s great about being in Chicago. You can’t trip without finding a diversion. Most recently I decided to give my nephew a tour of the campus. He loved it. Actually he loved riding the elevators and playing in the park. What I didn’t tell him is that those are some of my favorite diversions.

Also I’ve rediscovered bathes. There are few things more relaxing than sitting in a tub of steamy water. I like to add Epson salts for deeper relaxation.

Another trick I find is to eat healthy. I know it’s hard. But substituting M&M’s with raisins can go a long way. Stress doesn’t have to be a solitary affair. Often this is the time to be social. Spending time with friends and family are a great diversion. And taking a break with classmates allows you to decompress with people who deal with the same problems you do.

What do you to do to escape? Go-carting? Museum hopping? Concert going?

As always I have to stress, no pun intended, that I am not a professional in the field of stress management and I do not claim to be. I’m only relating tips that have been passed onto me by dear friends.