Ever Closer

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We’re getting one step closer to that first semester final film. It’s time to put a face to projects. I’m not talking about me sticking my face on a flyer that says, “I Did That!”  I’ll do that soon enough. I’m talking about casting. What is casting? That’s a great question. Casting is the process of selecting actors for a film. And wouldn’t you know it; the directors all got together and conducted a group casting session.

Everybody did a great job. Let me first say that I didn’t work the entire session. But that was only because I had already cast my project. However, I wanted to be a part of the process so I helped out for a few hours.

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When I arrived Jon was working check in. He had the sign-in sheet for prospective actors, water to drink, and sides prepared. It’s definition time. What are “sides?” Glad you asked. Sides or sections of dialogue that are used as audition material for the actors. In this audition we had sides for Drama, Romance, and Kids.

Inside the audition Jerrod ran the camera and conducted most of the directing. It was great watching him work. He put the actors at ease with his easy going manner. After they read the scene Jerrod made a few observations and directing suggestions. This technique is very useful for directors when they want to see how well the actor can respond to commands. This allows me to segue into the final job. Rob, Fahima, and I alternated as readers. Readers read the scene with the actor.

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After all the prep work is taken care of, it’s time for the directors to hand the show over to the actors. I saw a lot of really talented people go through the casting. I like to think that it was my script reading that helped inspire some of the performances. I know I didn’t, but I like to think it did.

So the question is “Where do we go from here?” We go forward. Directors call the actors to let them know if they got the part. From that point the casting process is complete.

Two things stuck out to me. The directors worked well together. It turned into a true collaboration, and I must give credit to Jerrod and Jon for spearheading the casting. I also learned the actors have guts to go and be judged. This is not science. It’s art. So making that final decision can often rely on a gut feeling. Let’s hope that noone has the stomach flu.