Working Through the Weekend

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It’s getting to be that time, that four-weeks-into-the-semester-better-be-getting-stuff-made-and-be-rocking-it time.

So, this weekend was a work weekend. I spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday either up at school or working on projects at home. My work was not limited to any one discipline. Friday, I made paper, giant glorious red sheets of paper. Saturday, I worked in the letterpress studio. And Sunday, I spent the afternoon building light boxes and, with the help of a friend, making a rubber mold of my face (it was such a strange experience!). I sort of live for these moments, when the ideas are flowing and you feel like you just can’t stop producing. I feel that in these moments there’s a lot of feeling around in the dark – but enthusiastically and with hope!

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One of the reasons I think I’m feeling this way is that I’m learning so many new things this semester. I’m taking a creative writing class for the first time and am also taking a class over on the Interdisciplinary Arts and Media side – which means computers, which means double major apprehension in my brain. So, I feel a little terrified in addition to wonderfully inspired.

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I am finding that a lot of things are overlapping. For instance, on Friday I needed to make paper both to print on and sculpt with. I also needed to film ‘my practice’ for my media class. So, on top of making paper, I recorded the process as I was working.

I think this may be the semester of progress as a direct result of the unknown. I feel that teaching has already been so wonderful in this regard, and now these two classes in unfamiliar areas are pushing me, and by ‘me’ I mean my work, into really unanticipated places. So, as the week starts, feeling pretty good!