Slang Magazine

Slang MagazineA while back, I was asked to be part of an issue of SLANG Magazine, which is an online fashion magazine. While I have done some fashion in the past, what SLANG wanted was my last body of work, Technically Intimate.

Michaela Nale

I was happy to oblige their request. While it is not something that usually pays at all, what I have found in the past is that online magazines are usually a great way to get lots of people to see your work. There are a couple of other great things about online magazines. The first is that since people are already online looking at the magazine, they are usually more willing to go to the artists website, assuming that they have a website of their own. The other thing is that, unlike a printed issue, the work will stay up indefinitely. Usually, even if the editors of the magazine decide to stop publishing, the website with the issues usually stays up.

Fancy Mike

SLANG features everything from art to fashion to music. Some of the notable features that I enjoyed from this issue were the fashion photography of Michaela Nale and the music of Fancy Mike.