Art Education MAT – Get Active and Involved in Art Ed!

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In the Art Education MAT program at Columbia College Chicago, it is very easy to get involved. The NAEA/IAEA Student Chapter, otherwise known as the National Art Education Association/Illinois Art Education Association Student Chapter, is just one way to get involved with furthering your education and getting to know new people.

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As a student at Columbia, you have the chance to participate in the NAEA/IAEA Student Chapter as an elected officer. There are various officer positions in the Student Chapter (such as President, Vice President, Secretary, etc…) that work together to plan fundraising events. All the fundraising goes to the members of the chapter and other Art Education MAT students to help fund educational trips like the past NAEA Conference in Seattle and the IAEA Conference in Lisle, Illinois.

Past fundraising events have included the sale of charms that were designed by fellow cohort members, a silent auction of artwork, and a Roof-top BBQ that had art projects available to the BBQer’s. In the future we will be selling postcards and/or gift cards that are designed by both cohorts of the Art Education MAT program.

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An example of where the fundraising goes is shown above. This is a picture from one of the lectures at the NAEA Conference in Seattle, titled “What to do with those Kindergarteners.” These adorable examples of pinch and tear projects are great for developing students fine-motor skills.

This year’s fundraising efforts will go to the NAEA Conference in NEW YORK!

Check out the NAEA and IAEA, and get involved yourself! These associations are there to assist you in your career of teaching art.