The Truth About Internships

When it comes to seeking the truth about internships, there is no one truth.  This is probably not exactly what you want to hear, but I can share my experiences and help you discover your own truth, the most important truth of all!

If you are wavering on whether or not you should do an internship, JUST DO IT.  Getting EXPERIENCE in your field of choice will develop your skills, build confidence, strengthen your network and boost your resume.

My Experiences at Rock For Kids was AWESOME!

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Rock For Kids is a Chicago based non-profit that provides music education to children living at or below the poverty line.  This past summer, I acted as a behind-the-scenes leading light by helping fundraise, plan events, handle donor relations, write grants, develop sponsorships, go to R4K’s events and work with a lively, enjoyable staff.  After my internship, I was invited to be a member of their junior board, which I gladly accepted.

This is Art Brut, a British Punk band I got to see for free.  Attending free concerts is a pretty nice perk!

Hot Tips:

  • If you can’t get a paid internship don’t let that stop you (mine is unpaid)
  • Use your network and resources at Columbia to find an internship
    Internship Coordinator – set up an appointment to get suggestions & have them place you on any e-mail lists that might be useful.
    Your Professors – your professors are active in their fields and have connections.
    Other Professors on campus
  • Ask fellow students for suggestions (that’s how I got mine!)
  • Tell your interviewer what you want to take away from your internship
    If they seem responsive, then great.  If not, then MOVE ON!  If you are going to   invest your FREE TIME, you deserve to get something out of it.  Don’t just be a coffee slave.  If you want to learn how to be a barista, just head to your local coffee shop and ask for an application.

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