New Student Convocation


Friday was new student convocation. We were encouraged to attend during orientation, and I am happy that I did. Although there was not much for us in the form of activities, it was nice to see many of the current grads (although more could have show up).

Grad Get-Together

Pre-Convocation meeting

Our day started with a little get-together in the new Graduate & Adult Student Center (and by new, I mean the last of the furniture showed up as we were arriving). It was nice to see it put together, although I don’t think it was quite finished yet.

Walking over to Convocation

Then our little group headed over to join the new undergraduate student body. We were vastly outnumbered, but at the same time, it was nice to know that we are a small (hopefully tight-knit) community out of a much larger student body. The weather was beautiful, even though it was 100 degrees out. The fans that were handed out didn’t quite cover the heat I was feeling.

During the convocation, we had a special part to play, and again, it was nice to be singled out and reminded what an honor it is to be here in the position that we are in. And personally, I am happy to be back in a community of artists again. I have been out of school for four full years and I have missed the feeling of belonging that I am once again feeling. So far, everyone I have met has been excited about what our upcoming time here will hold, and I am excited about getting to be more involved with the graduate community as a whole in addition to those in my own field of study.

Photo Grads

Evan Baden, Jess Dugan, Ani Katz

My day finished up with two of my fellow Photo grads as we explored the Graduate Photo area and chatted about the work we wanted to make and the assignment that we had already been given. Time to get to work.