Put Yourself First

Put Yourself First

Here’s my week 13 advice: put yourself first. Seriously. I think we all need this reminder, including myself. We’re at the point of the semester when everything is coming at you full speed and it’s crucial that you put yourself first. Yes, even before classes and assignments. Because how can you give your full energy when you’re not taking care of yourself first and foremost?  

I’ve noticed that I’ve been neglecting myself lately, so I’ve been refocusing on myself by doing a couple of things. (This will look different for everyone).  

  • Taking a few extra minutes in the morning and at night to take care of myself. I would always just go straight to bed because I was so exhausted or continue to hit snooze in the mornings, but recently I’ve been taking some extra minutes to spend even more time on skincare, longer showers, journaling, reading, and/or listening to music.  
  • Treating myself. If you’ve been keeping up with these notes for a while now, you know I’m a big advocate for treating yourself. (Is there such a thing as treating yourself too much? Hmmm). My favorite coffee, ordering in a meal, or new snacks from the grocery 
  • Walking to the lake or river is my favorite pandemic safe activity. Now that it’s so nice outside, it’s even sweeter. We’re so close to the water and I want to take advantage of it for all it’s worth.  

Focus on your energy first and listen to what your mind and body need.  

Until next time,