Burnt Out, Unmotivated, and Unsure

Burnt Out, Unmotivated, and Unsure

I’ve had multiple conversations with my friends (Columbia students or not) about how we’re struggling so much. Many of my friends and I feel burnt out, unmotivated, and unsure about our passions anymore. I feel like this is a normal experience to have in college, but the pandemic adds a different type of pressure.  

For me, I am feeling less passionate about the field of my major. This has been difficult. At least for arts school, we typically choose our majors based on the art form we’ve loved and done our whole lives. So, when you come to college and become turned off to what you’ve known your whole life, the question “who am I without this thing I’ve done my whole life?” arises. All while you’re trying to acclimate yourself into the “adult world” (does that even exist?) and find out who you are. I’ve recently come across the realization that we are not what we do, and we are not the things we like. We are more than that.  

If you’re struggling with feeling less passionate about things you used to love, that is so normal. Now is the time to explore other things. Why spend time on something that doesn’t serve you at this moment in time? And that’s not to say you won’t come back to it, it’s just going on the back burner for now while you focus on something else that you feel inspired to do. Be easy on yourself and do what you feel.  


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