Happy Spring Semester!

Happy Spring Semester!

Happy Spring Semester! It’s your favorite anonymous voice back again! I hope you had a much needed restful and safe Winter break.  

To be honest, I am apprehensive about the upcoming semester because last semester was so overwhelming. The good thing is that I now know what to expect so that I can adjust my mindset for a better semester. These personal notes help me, at least, because I can identify goodness and positivity in the current situation, which is typically something I struggle with in my personal life.   

I’m doing a few things to prepare for next semester and reset my energy. They might help you too! 

  1. Redecorating my bedroom a bit. I’ve been spending so much time in my room that I got bored with how it looked and wanted to reset the energy of the room for the next semester. I got a new duvet cover, swapped out posters in my frames, and got a few trinkets to spice up my decorations. If I had a bigger room, I would rearrange my furniture. 
  2. Deep cleaning my whole apartment. Let’s be honest. Wherever you’re living right now, whether the dorms or an apartment, could probably use a deep clean. You’ll feel so much better afterwards. 
  3. Getting back to a more regular sleep schedule with a more consistent morning and night routine. My sleep schedule has been chaotic, so I’m fixing it to prepare for my 9am classes. 
  4. Meal planning/prepping. Whenever I get deeper in the semester, the foods I eat get more interesting and less nutrient dense. Instead of going into the grocery store with no list, I now like to have a few ideas and recipes in my head and buy what’s needed for those recipes.  


Overall, my personal goal for this semester is to prioritize myself and mental health over class and homework. I was proud of my grades and what I had learned last semester, but it was at the cost of my mental health and well-being. When you take care of yourself not only do you feel better, but you are also able to have a clearer focus on your work. What are your personal goals for the semester? 

Until next time,