Happy Last Week of the Semester!

Happy Last Week of the Semester!

Happy last week of the semester! We made it! I hope these notes made some of you feel less alone in your feelings and struggles this semester. There’s so much of this semester to reflect upon 

I was excited and grateful to finally get back to class this semester after all the pandemic chaos, but it proved to be more demanding than I expected. I have felt overwhelmed and overworked. I am honestly worried about next semester, but hoping things will we better by then. How is it that we are almost to March again?  

I’m back home for break and it feels so strange. All of this time has passed, but I feel like nothing has happened this semester. I just feel like I don’t have much to account for. The one thing I have to account for is that I didn’t test positive for COVID this semester, which I am extremely grateful for. I could name a small handful of things that happened, but for the most part I feel like I didn’t do anything. I was in my little Chicago apartment and doing online school. That’s it. I didn’t grow socially, mentally, or physically and it feels empty. Some people have been using this pandemic to grow and take advantage of this time and I just wish I could do the same. I am trying to not compare myself to what others have done, but that’s easier said than done. I am on my own path, so if this time is just surviving, that’s more than enough! I just can’t help feeling frustrated with myself. I think we need to give ourselves credit for doing class during the pandemic because it has been a lot of work. If no one has told you, I am so proud of you for your work this semester 

I wish everyone and their friends/families nothing but health and positivity. Enjoy the break and stay safe! Don’t forget to wear a mask!