I Can Control My Own Actions

I Can Control My Own Actions

This past week my roommate got exposed to someone that tested positive for COVID. She had to quarantine, but according to the guidelines set in place by the school, I did not. I just ended up quarantining with her because I personally thought it was the right thing to do. Not like I had anywhere to go anyways.

It’s difficult to continue with schoolwork with this added stressor. The possibility of my roommate and I having COVID has been all consuming. I’ve also been worried about some of my friends because a lot of people I know have either been exposed and/or are having COVID symptoms. It’s hard to concentrate on school with all of this COVID stress that is just getting worse each day. I really wish that teachers were more understanding about the threat that COVID has placed on our lives, which also include their lives, as it continues to get worse and affect everyone.

Since everything is getting much worse, I’m trying to focus on what I can control, instead of what I cannot. I cannot control the actions of other people, but I can control my own actions.  

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