Music Review: LOOΠΔ [X X]

Music Review: LOOΠΔ [X X]

During the last year and a half, stan Twitter has been flooded with the phrase “STAN LOONA”. No matter what kind of post, there is always someone trying to get their favorite group out there, so I figured, why not give them a shot.

K-Pop girl group LOONA (stylized as LOOΠΔ) made their comeback recently with their first repackaged mini album as a group titled [X X]. The album consists of 12 songs, that have a range from ballad-type, to party bop status. This repackage includes their debut song “Hi High” which i’m personally not a fan of. It’s very cutesy and sometimes overtly energetic. Songs such as: “Stylish”, “Heat”, “FavOriTe”, and “Colors” cross the Pop genre lines. “Curiosity” is straight R&B, and “Where You At” and “Satellite” cross the Slow-ish Jam genre pretty well. Almost all of LOONA’s songs as a group are very synth-y and filled with technological instruments rather than real ones like trumpets or violins so be ready for that.

The themes of the songs on the album mostly have to do with “flying into the sky” and more sky/celestial metaphors. There are multiple theories as to why their songs convey these messages, but if you want to view them, good ‘ol Twitter is filled with them.

My favorites are “FavOriTe” and their current title track “Butterfly”. “FavOriTe” is a mashup of so many different musical elements that sometimes it’s hard to keep up, but the beat, the raps, and the buildup during the bridge/dance break is so worth it. Truly, issa bop. “Butterfly” is so seamless and airy in its arrangement at first but when that drop hits you know LOONA means business. Both songs are worth an initial listen, but don’t forget to watch the music videos too. “FavOriTe” is a little less impressive on that front, but “Butterfly” will stun you.

So if you are new to k-pop and want to explore girl groups, LOONA is a prime choice.  They’re relatively new to the scene, but their production value and skill in music, videos, and talent is impeccable.

4.5/5 Stars. STAN LOONA.