Affordable Eats in the City

Affordable Eats in the City

So we all must know the struggles of wanting quality food at an affordable price, right? I mean, we are all students. Some students have better luck than others, finding great places due to their adventures in the city, and the others are in their dorm dodging sunlight rays. Well, don’t you worry adventurers and homebodies, your work here is done.  Here are the top 5 restaurants that are both delicious and within the $20 range.

(In no particular order)

Heres #1: Portillo’s Hot Dogs

Located on 520 W. Taylor St., Portillo’s is a quality hot dog and Italian beef place that offers a variety of good eats for low prices.  If you want to try Portillo’s famous hot dogs, no worries because they’re all under $5. Classic style, chili cheese, char grilled, or jumbo style these will satisfy your hunger for sure. The burgers here range from $4.50- $9.50 depending on the toppings but go for what you want! The Italian style sandwiches are a little more pricey depending on the size, but they’re all still under $15. With a lengthier variety of salads, shakes, and more i’m sure you’ll find something worth your dollars at Portillos.
#2 Chicken Planet

Located on 177 W Van Buren St, Chicken Planet is one for the poultry lovers for sure. Everything (excluding two family pack meals) is under $10 . This includes meal deals with side order and drink included. Are you shocked? You should be. Even though the offerings for Chicken Planet isn’t much more than just chicken, it’s still worth mentioning in this list. They also have salad options which are also under $10 if you want to eat a little healthier. This majority rated 5-star chicken shack is definitely one to visit if you’re trying to stretch your money.

#3 Cafecito

Located on 26 East Congress Pkwy, Cafecito is a relaxing cuban coffee house and cafe that offers both great coffee and great food options inspired by Latin America. Everything on the menu here is under $20 and it’s only the big platters they offer that are over $10. From delightful huevos breakfast sandwiches, to cubano and jerk chicken pressed sandwiches, to savory soups, to specialty salads, you can truly have it all at Cafecito. All sandwiches here are under $10 and there is a very wide variety of them so choose your favorite! The specialty salads are also under $10 and include lots of goodies (most of them meat free), same goes for the soups offered. Try out Cafecito one of these days, and i’m sure both your wallet and your grumbling stomach will thank you.

#4 The Bar Below Chicago

Located on the lower level of 127 S State St, The Bar Below is an inviting, warm., prohibition era bar that features both bar food and elegant cuisine as well as craft beers. Let’s call this pick the “treat yo self” restaurant of this list . The prices for everything on the menu is under $20 (phew) but most of the items are over $10, this includes a majority of the appetizers. Although this may seem intimidating for a college student, the portions are generous so at least you get a bang for your buck. The reviews for this humble bar are amazing and it’s highly recommended by those who have visited so why not try for yourself?

#5 Devil Dawgs

Located on 767 S State St, Devil Dawgs offers enticing hot dogs and burgers ( with vegetarian options) as well as hand-cut fries and delicious milkshakes. This place is one for when you’re just fiending for a small bite to eat, not anything too heavy but just a little something. There are vast options for what to get, from classic dogs to some that are more eclectic, you’ll love them all. All on the menu here is under $10, including the milkshakes (which are AMAZING by the way.) All is pretty good here in terms of taste and portion, so don’t hesitate to try it out!

These restaurants/bars are some of the best, but there are more options out there! Don’t limit yourself, explore and maybe you’ll find something new!