Meet Your 2018 Manifest Creative Director – Angel Smith!

Meet Your 2018 Manifest Creative Director – Angel Smith!

It is with great pleasure that we introduce the Manifest Creative Director of 2018, Angel Smith. Smith is an Illustration major from rural Michigan and is currently the editor of Columbia’s own comic anthology, Linework.

As the Creative Director, Smith has control over the look and feel of Manifest, Columbia’s end of the year celebration of all graduates. So what is the aesthetic of this year? Smith has one word: electric!

“I have always been fascinated by electricity and the transfer of energy that takes place to produce light – the warmth and brightness we find when surrounded by such energy is so closely related to the experience of surrounding ourselves with creative minds, inspired individuals, and dedicated mentors. Most of my time here at Columbia has been exactly that – finding the people who illuminate and glow, especially those who shed their light on others and encourage those around them to flip their own internal switch.”

Smith’s primary designs are bright and dynamic, and student support for her work proves that she is shocking people in a good way. Smith describes it best in her own words the swirl of different emotions she felt in discovering she had been chosen.

“There was an overwhelming feeling of elation right before a wave of nervousness and self-doubt, but above all else, I have felt excitement and gratitude. I am both honored and humbled by the positive response to my work and look forward to participating at such an influential level in the festival.”

“I am looking forward to the ways in which I’ll be able to flex my muscles in terms of creativity and the challenges yet to come. I think my greatest excitement, however, is being able to see people interacting with and wearing my artwork – the thought is almost unreal.”

What is also unreal is the scale of Manifest. Despite happening every year, Manifest features campus-wide displays of the best student work all day long. The celebration is a favorite of students, faculty, and staff alike, always managing to put a smile on the face of each passerby. Smith shares the feeling and is hoping to contribute to Manifest a spread a larger message of unity.

“I hope to establish a visual language that represents the students here at the college all while bringing us closer together – in all of our shapes, colors, abilities, orientations, backgrounds, expressions, careers, and passions. I want to explore my abilities as an artist and push the boundaries of my comfort zone – I want to grow as a person and as a professional and encourage those around me to do the same. But mostly, I want to have a hell of a good time.”

To see more of Angel Smith’s work, go to or follow her @injuuns on Instagram.