Know Your Resources: Confidential Resources

Know Your Resources: Confidential Resources

Most Columbia College Chicago employees are verified ‘responsible employees’ and must report all incidents of Sexual Harassment brought to their attention.

Some however, have different rights and obligations regarding information sharing. In this issue of In The Loop we are highlighting Confidential Resources.

Confidential Resources:

Columbia College Chicago encourages victims of Sexual Harassment to report the offending behavior to individuals who can provide support and assistance.

That stated, it’s completely understandable when students feel more comfortable speaking to someone about such experiences under the condition of confidentiality.

Those who desire strictly confidential support and assistance, to the extent permitted by law, may contact a Confidential Resource. Under some circumstances, these employees are required to maintain near complete confidentiality. Speaking with a Confidential Resource does not always constitute reporting to the College and will not trigger a formal investigation without the reporting party’s consent.

The following are Confidential Resources on-campus. Please check websites cited or contact these Confidential Resources directly for more information, including hours of operation and the best ways to receive assistance.


Columbia College Chicago Student Health Center (Licensed Physicians & Nurses)

731 S. Plymouth Ct.


By appointment or walk-in


Counseling Services (Professional Counselors)

731 S. Plymouth Ct., Suite 112

312.369.8700 By appointment or walk-in

Office of Student Relations (Professional Counselors) 623 S. Wabash, Room 301


By appointment or walk-ins


Confidential Advisors*

Orterio Villa

Coordinator of Res. Life Training & Comm.



Cordelia Miller Muhammad

Director of Counseling Services

(312) 369-7480


As Confidential Advisors, both Mr. Villa and Ms. Miller Muhammed have completed at least forty (40) hours of training on sexual violence. They also receive periodic training on the College’s administrative processes, interim protective measures and accommodations, and complaint resolution procedures.

* Confidential Advisors may provide confidential services to and have privileged, confidential communications with victims of sexual violence in accordance with Section 8-804 of Illinois’ Code of Civil Procedure.