Big Mouth – Emo Night

Big Mouth – Emo Night

Columbia plays host to a number of performances throughout the year. In terms of popularity and variety, Big Mouth usually sits atop any “best of” list. Big Mouth is a live performance series where any and all Columbia students are invited to show off their talent in front of other students and friends. Put on by the Student Programming Board, students are given a unique opportunity to perform, whether that is playing music, singing, spoken word, comedy, reciting poetry, or even acting.

This semester, Big Mouth is being held at HAUS, which is an intimate setting in 623 S. Wabash on September 21st. The doors open at 6 p.m., performers can sign up at 6:30, and performances go from 7-9 p.m.  Twelve acts are chosen at random from the list to perform in front of the crowd.  The show usually spans a multitude of musical genres as well as stage acts.

Even if you aren’t performing, Big Mouth is open to all students free of charge.  They also have free food to eat if you arrive early enough. Just remember, space is limited, so you may want to arrive early to ensure yourself a place to sit.  It is very common for Big Mouth to quickly reach maximum capacity and turn away people at the door. Big Mouth is also an effective way to network, meet other artist, evaluate other peoples performances, and most importantly, a great way to enjoy yourself and have fun. For the acts that get stage time, it’s a great way to get exposure, experience, and to been seen or heard.

Big Mouth also serves as a stepping-stone to the appropriately named Biggest Mouth. Every spring, Biggest Mouth takes the competition to a higher level, letting students go head-to-head at a larger, off-campus venue. Past Biggest Mouths have taken place at Chicago’s iconic Metro, which has been rated one of the best music venues in the country. The grand prize of Biggest Mouth is a cash prize and the opportunity to open for the Manifest headliner, Columbia’s end of the year celebration, attended by thousands of people. The winner of Biggest Mouth is chosen by a panel of judges and the crowd.  Auditions for Biggest Mouth take place during the Spring semester.

For more information about Big Mouth, click here for event details and contact information.