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Winter Issue, Vol. 43


David Friedman Award

The David Friedman Award offers a cash prize to the best story or essay published in Hair Trigger each year. Our thanks go to David Friedman’s family, who established this fund in fall 2002 as a memorial to their son, a talented writer and painter, as well as an alumnus of Columbia College Chicago and a great friend to the English & Creative Writing Department—Fiction Program’s students and faculty.

Congratulations to Nia Tipton for her story, “Bones of Before,” the 2021 winner of the David Friedman Award.

Aurora Hattendorf

Our Little Secret, part II

Asher Witkin

Your Fault

Tori Barney

Non Clairevoyant

Natalie Benson-Greer

We Can’t Drown Like Them

Danielle Hirschhorn


Rebecca Khera

Foreign Cigarettes

Alexis Berry

It’s Not Weed

Katie Lynn Johnston

The Li’l Fingers

Zoe Elerby

The Spring Witch

Emma Dailey Mitchell

Barnabe Brenton Bishop the Third, the Northerner

Trevor Templeton

Magna Mater

Anthony Koranda

Banana Split

Nia Tipton

Bones of Before (David Friedman Award Recipient)

Jerakah Greene

The Binder