Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago Alums Present New Works in ‘Waitlisted’ Nov. 16-17

Lydia Feuerhelm, Chloe Grace Michels, and Andy Slavin

Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago alums Lydia Feuerhelm ’14 and Chloe Grace Michels ’15 and former Dance Center student Andy Slavin join forces for Waitlisted: An Evening of New Choreographic Works, a program of premieres centered around identity: how we describe ourselves, the inherently symbiotic relationship between self and community, and the images we hold of ourselves and our physical body. Relying on social cues and lived experience, Waitlisted examines the larger forces that shape us.

Lydia Feuerhelm (Photo: Andy Slavin)

Lydia Feuerhelm (Photo: Andy Slavin)

Chloe Grace Michels

Feuerhelm is a graduate of the Dance Center’s BA Program in Dance. Michels is a graduate of the Dance Center’s BFA Program in Dance.

Andy Slavin (Photo: Phil Dembinski)

Lydia Feuerhelm (Photo: William Frederking)

Noelle Awadallah

Molly Fe Strom (Photo: William Frederking)

Emily Loar (Photo: Ashley Deran)

Umiko Nakamura

Marceia Scruggs

Besides Feuerhelm, Michels, and Slavin, Waitlisted employs the talents of performers Noelle Awadallah ’18, Molly Fe Strom ’13, Lauren Kunath ’13, Emily Loar ’14, Umiko Nakamura ’18, and Marceia Scruggs ’17 — all alumni of the Dance Center of Columbia College’s Dance program.

Waitlisted will be performed Friday and Saturday, November 16 and 17, at Dovetail Studios, 2853 W. Montrose, Chicago. Showtime each night is 7 PM. Tickets are $10. For tickets, click here.