Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago Alums Present ‘Wormhole’ Oct. 26-28 at Links Hall

Alumnae of the Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago are performing in Wormhole, a shared evening of new works exploring “the realms of dream, persona, and umbilical pathways to symbolic transformation.” Wormhole plays Friday through Sunday, October 26-28, at Links Hall, 3111 N. Western, Chicago. Performance times are 7 PM each night.

The three artists presenting their work in Wormhole are Angela Gronroos ’05, a graduate of the Dance Center’s BA Program in Dance, and Margaret Morris ’05 and Hannah Santistevan ’16, both graduates of the Dance Center’s BFA Program in Dance.

Angela Gronroos

Gronroos’ Mother Mother uses the body to rewrite a version of a personal story, revealing truths that transcend familial, cultural, and societal definitions by re-imagining self and building new mythologies. Mother Mother is performed by Gronroos and former Dance Center student J’Sun Howard.

Margaret Morris

Morris, performing under the stage name Moonbones, presents Quantum Negress Tantras, which “messes with the epigenetics of internalized oppression for a Black female whose grandmother’s mom was a child of people who were brutalized, tortured, brainwashed, and exploited within the genocidal United States and alchemises spells for her own and all our Black a$$ liberation.”

Hannah Santistevan

Santistevan’s Elevator to Stairs is a multidisciplinary solo, pairing contemporary and improvisational dance performance by Santistevan and animation projections by Zachary Lindemann. Inspired by Freudian psychoanalytic theory, Santistevan narrows in on her reoccurring dreams that act as an appendix to her subconscious mind, while simultaneously unveiling the reality of her waking world.

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