Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago Alums Showcase New Work in Alluvion Dance Chicago’s ‘Emergence’ June 15-16 at Edge Theatre

Alluvion Dance Chicago — an emerging contemporary dance company founded and led by Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago alum Johnny Huntoon ’16, a graduate of the Dance Center’s BA Program in Dance — presents Emergence, a summer festival of work by emerging choreographers, on Friday and Saturday, June 15 and 16, at the Edge Theatre, located at 5451 N. Broadway in Chicago’s Edgewater Theatre District. Performance time is 7:30 PM both nights, and the program is different each night. This is the fourth annual edition of Emergence, which provides up-and-coming choreographers an opportunity to present their work in a fully produced setting for audiences, company directors, and producers.

Johnny Huntoon

Nicole Flores

Nicole Flores

Marceia Scruggs

Julia Kummerow

Morgan Cutler

Choreographers whose work is presented in this year’s Emergence include​ Columbia College Dance Center alums Johnny Huntoon ’16, Nicole Flores ’17, and Marceia Scruggs ’17, all graduates of the Dance Center’s Dance BA program, and Rebecca Huang ’17, a graduate of the Dance Center’s BFA Program in Dance. Alluvion Dance Chicago members dancing in the festival include Dance Center alums Julia Kummerow ’15, also a graduate of the Dance BA program, and student Morgan Cutler, a senior in the Dance BFA program, as well as Nicole Flores. Claire Doty, a former student in the Columbia College Chicago Theatre Department‘s Theatre Design program, is the lighting designer. And the festival’s photographer, IY Cardona, is a senior in Columbia College Chicago Photography Department‘s BA Program in Photography with a Concentration in Fine Art Photography.

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