Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago Faculty and Alumni Talent Featured in ‘If Left Unchecked’ Jan. 25-27 at Links Hall

Paige Caldarella

Keyierra Collins

Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago faculty member Paige Caldarella is the choreographer and co-creator of If Left Unchecked, a new dance work that explores how cultural norms against female anger, created by sexism and amplified by race, affect female bodies. This isn’t about “women on the edge” or “Giselle gone mad.” Instead, the work investigates how female anger can be a powerful engine for progressive social change when experienced and enacted across lines of difference. The performance features Dance Center alum Keyierra Collins ’16, a graduate of the Dance Center’s BA Program in Dance.

If Left Unchecked plays Thursday-Saturday, January 25-27, at 7 PM at Links Hall at Constellation, 3111 N. Western, Chicago. Tickets are $10 general admission — and only $5 for students. For tickets, call or click here.