Jaeya Bayani Finds the Perfect Internship for All Her Passions

As Jaeya Bayani, a sophomore Music Business major with a concentration in Recorded Music & Publishing, looked to begin her first academic college internship this summer, her goal was to find an environment and mentor that were at the forefront of inclusivity. With Traverse Music Group/The Luna Company, LLC., she found that and much more.

Back home in San Francisco, California for the summer, the internship has given, in her words, “A hands-on experience of working with fellow Asian American artists, many of whom I am inspired by and a genuine fan of.” This passion for working with others is stoked by a genuine curiosity to find out as much as possible about the music industry. In addition to assisting in the day-to-day operations, virtual and in-person events, and promoting full-on music releases, Jaeya cites the mentorship from her direct supervisor, Christina Luna, as a highlight. “I’m lucky to work for another strong, empowered Filipina, Christina Luna, who is established in the music industry and focused on creating a space for Asian/Filipino American artists to thrive.”

With the ability to build relationships within the music sector being accomplished as we speak, Jaeya is able to look back at the building blocks of her success this summer. In terms of advice to students looking for future internships, Jaeya had this to say. “Get specific about areas and passions you identify with the most. For example, if you’re looking to expand representation for black and brown artists, as well as LGBTQ+ spaces, don’t be afraid to look for niche internships that fit that. Another example is if you are a trained musician and have a passion for working with kids in less privileged communities/situations, you can look for spaces where you can use those talents for good.”

Another integral part of Jaeya’s story is her reliability. Knowing that one’s reputation precedes oneself, she stresses that maintaining connections and reaching out to others for advice will pay off in the long run. She also believes that it is important to keep your mental health in mind. “Be resilient, punctual, and humble in everything you do at your internship, but to also know your worth and value self-care. Internships are meant to challenge you and stretch you in ways you could never imagine. At the same time, you can only perform your best if you feel your best, inside and out.”

In terms of future goals, Jaeya has a clear vision of what lies ahead. “My goal is to someday run my own label or agency that caters to the protection, as well as empowerment of artistic integrity for women in the music industry. I would also like to eventually publish written works I’ve been creating, which describe the intersections of solidarity between the Asian American and Black communities throughout history (with Hip-Hop being a focal point). I want to create representation, a safe space, longevity, and expanded legacy for Black and Brown artists/creatives.”