Pub Style Trivia: Recap

On Thursday, September 6, 2018, the Career Center hosted a night to remember full of trivia, food, and prizes. Over 50 eager students attended the event to compete and reconnect with friends.

By attending this event, Freshman and Transfer students were able to earn their Engage Career badge. This program helps new students to interact with different departments on campus. Students who attend events in all 6 categories are considered for scholarships! We are so glad to be a part of this great initiative!

I asked the Assistant Director of Career Development, Brian Socall a few questions regarding Career Center events and about the overall moral of the students at Columbia. These were his thoughts:


Why do you think it’s important to host a career event during the first week of classes?

“Students come to college to learn the skills and knowledge needed to eventually find paid work. By connecting with the Career Center in the first week, students get to know who we are (and, that we can be fun, too), what we do, and how we can support them in their goals!”

What about the Columbia students make these events work?

“Columbia students know how to have fun! And, it turns out, knows way more than the average person about pop culture trivia! Since our students dabble in so many of the arts, it’s exciting to see that they are following current trends, but also are learning to be trendsetters while they are here.”


Special shout out to our Peer Advisors for helping to plan this event. Career Center Peer Advisors assist students with resumes, cover letters, and any questions they may have about interviewing. If you are interested in this service, please visit the Career Center at 618 S Michigan Ave, First Floor Monday-Friday, from 10AM-4:30PM and ask our team at the front desk to see one of our Peer Advisors!



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