Domestic Violence Clinic looking for Film and Acting students for John Marshall Law School

The John Marshall Law School Family Law and Domestic Violence Clinic is looking for student actors/ actresses, camera operators, and directors for an informational video project for victims of domestic violence that will be distributed throughout the State of Illinois. We are looking for the following cast members: a female lead (Audrey Hartigan); her abusive ex-boyfriend (Michael Smith); the abusive ex-boyfriend’s attorney (Alex Delray); the esteemed judge presiding over the courtroom (Judge Marshall); the bailiff of the courtroom; and the clerk of the courtroom. Filming would take place at the John Marshall Law School located at 315 S. Plymouth Ct, Chicago, IL 60604. The timeline for production at this point is dependent upon assembly of the cast and crew. Once the team is assembled, I anticipate a meeting with all to go over the script and 2 or 3 days of filming. This is an unpaid position for all cast and crew. Students do not need to provide their own equipment but providing equipment is a plus! We are looking for students of every skill level. This project is a great way to help the community and would look fantastic on a resume!

More info HERE.

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