5 Things You Should Never Say During a Phone Interview

Employers may use phone screens to weed out applicants before inviting them into the office.

By Robin Madell

Excerpt from U.S. News & World Report/ Money

The first impression that you make on a potential employer may be your last one – if the impression you leave is negative. That’s why it’s important to be prepared for an initial phone screening, which many companies use as a prelude to their formal interview process. Both recruiters and hiring managers may rely on telephone interviews to weed out job applicants and narrow the field to invite for in-person interviews.

To help improve your chances of making it past the phone-screen stage and advance to the next round of your job search, it’s as important to understand what to avoid as what to do. That’s because choosing the wrong approach, attitude or actions – the “three A’s” of interviewing – can ensure that you never get the chance to show the rest of the hiring team why you’re the best person for the job. And when it comes to phone interviews, your words are all you have to convey the three A’s.

With that reality in mind, here are five things never to say during a phone interview if you want to get called back.

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