Inferno Mobile Recording Studio (IMRS) Seasonal Summer Counselor Chicago Park District


Camp Counselors for Inferno Mobile Recording Studio will be challenging kids age 6-12 in groups of 20 to collaboratively create documentary pieces of music within 2-hour time slots. Counselors are responsible for leading day-campers in a collaborative music production process, fostering relevant idea development based in non-competition with peers.

Sessions start with collaborative beat making, based in community looping and layering of sounds. Once the beat is to everyone’s liking, assisting campers in writing their own words, comes next, followed by practicing a preferred cadence, and recording the words to the music. The final document should represent the time, place, and ideas of the people involved in a non-fictional, respectful voice, potentially that listeners can learn from.

Counselors will be expected to follow a camper-centered production workflow that will lend to tracks being uploaded to our account on and to our website the day (or at very latest, the week) they are created in order for participants to share their document with friends and family.

The overall goal is to document the youths’ ideas for a better human existence through the fun process of collaborative digital music production. 

More info HERE.

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