HOT JOB: Peace Corps Campus Ambassadors


Campus ambassadors are university students who work closely with Peace Corps recruiters to raise the Peace Corps’ profile on campus and introduce the Peace Corps to new and diverse student groups.

The program offers a prestigious internship-like experience; however, as a campus ambassador you will be considered a local expert, not an intern. You know your campus better than anyone, and can connect with groups of students who may not yet know the benefits of Peace Corps service.

What Do Ambassadors Do?
•Post and tweet multimedia content about the Peace Corps every week.
•Identify and connect with diverse student groups around campus, plugging them into Peace Corps activities and sharing the Peace Corps story with them.
•Help set up and turn people out to events put on by Peace Corps Recruiters.
•Participate in nationwide Ambassador photo and video competitions.
•Organize movie screenings and other activities.

More info HERE.

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