HOT JOB: Early Childhood Teacher with Easter Seals Metropolitan Chicago


The primary responsibility of the Teacher is to provide early care and education to children in the classroom ages six weeks to five years of age; serve as the primary caregiver for an assigned group of children; create an environment that is engaging and stimulating; recognize that children are best understood and supported in the context of family, culture, community and society.


• Implement the Early Head Start/ Prevention Initiative a 0-3 Program
• Implement developmentally appropriate practice.
• Act as part of a team in creating an environment where children can learn.
• Act as part of a team in creating and implementing group lesson plans.
• Serve as the primary caregiver for an assigned group of children.
• For assigned children, record observations, write individual child lesson plans, maintain up-to-date documentation in COPA, Teaching Strategies GOLD, child education files and child portfolios.
• Implement screenings and assessments and reporting of outcomes for assigned children.
• Communicate with parents/families and reports child progress through scheduled parent-teacher conferences and home visits.
• Initiate referrals for children with special needs.
• Take proper care of classroom equipment and supplies and reports all repairs needed, maintains an inventory.
• Research new ideas, methods, resources and materials for lesson plans.
• Promote an atmosphere of team work where staff, parents and children interact positively with each other.
• Perform other general duties as assigned by the Program Manager or as determined by the needs of Easter Seals Metropolitan Chicago.

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