Back in print! Temporary Services – Group Work: A Compilation of Quotes About Collaboration From a Variety of Sources and Practices – $3.00 (PURCHASE)

This heavily downloaded booklet, used a lot by students, compiles quotes on collaboration from a diverse array of voices and sources. A predecessor to the book “Group Work” that we produced a few years later
with Printed Matter with different contents. Among those included:
Benjamin Zablocki, Frederick Wiseman, members of Group Material, Sonic
Youth, Fugazi, The Ex, Paper Tiger Television, Guerrilla Girls, P. Funk
All-Stars, Act-Up New York, REPOhistory, Amon Düül II and more. We just printed another 75 copies of this booklet. This
printing differs only in that the cover is now Teal cardstock and
printed on the RISOGRAPH. A cheap Temporary Services classic from 2002!