HOT JOB: Photographer-Northwest Fourth-fest for Village of Hoffman Estates

The Village of Hoffman Estates is seeking photography students, alumni, or hobbyists to capture major highlights during large crowd activities at this year’s 4th of July festival.

Work will be credited whenever possible. Possible pay. We may request references and to see examples of prior work.

The possible work dates at the Northwest Fourth Fest would be: 

• Friday, July 3rd (Sonic 7 and 7th Heaven concerts) (evening)
• Saturday, July 4th, (Fireworks, Infinity Concert (8:30 p.m.), general fest activities/crowds) (primarily evening)
• Sunday, July 5th (family day general, Children’s concert (2 p.m.), Golf Ball Drop (3 p.m.)) (mid-afternoon

Dates may be flexible, if not available on Fri or Sunday. It’s a fun celebration so photographers are invited to bring friends and family along!