HOT JOB: SAGA Fellows Program f/t PAID math tutor – SAGA Innovations

The SAGA Fellows program is a full time, in-school professional math tutoring opportunity. We are forging a new movement in American public education and are looking for a new group of relentless leaders.

Unlike traditional, often disconnected tutoring that happens outside of school hours, SAGA tutoring occurs as a stand-alone class period and is built into the school day (as an elective course for credit). Each Fellow is assigned a personal caseload of students and will work with the same students every day in small-groups (1:2 is our standard), and will communicate with their parents weekly.
We are actively seeking math Fellows to serve students in New York City and Chicago during the 2015-2016 school year. Fellows will start in August for training, and serve until the last day of school in June 2016 (11 months). This work builds off of a large-scale, randomized clinical research study by the University of Chicago Crime Lab, which was published by the National Bureau of Economic Research. The study found unprecedented gains for students, stating that “no initiative for disadvantaged young men of color comes close.” (The New York Times, February 1, 2015)

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