HOT JOB: Promotions Team Member/bartender/Cocktailer at Blackfinn Ameripub


Hourly pay, shift meal, tips and promotional outings to events, bars and clubs throughout Chicago

Job Description:
The Promotions Team member position is designed to help increase sales and awareness to Blackfinns many different late night events mainly through he planning and promotion of VIP/Promotional events. As a Promotional Team Member, you also have the opportunity to work the floor with Bottle Service and Shots.

*Entry level position in sales building, promotions and event coordinating

* Assist with VIP bookings

* Assist in the promotion and execution of extraordinary events designed to increase local awareness, customer retention, and guest turn out

*Use of outreach tools to drive Late Night traffic

* Cold calls

* Street team visits to local business and hotels

* Networking in house and outside events

* Data entry and use of contact management platforms

* Report directly to the promotions Manager


*Must Thrive in social environments

* Excellent communication skills, both on phone and in person

* Must be able to work in an atmosphere that promotes teamwork

*Computer experience

*Knowledge of social networking websites (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

*Flexible hours (nights and weekends a must)

*Bartending/Cocktailing experience a plus

Expectations are that the candidate will fulfill nay work/task/responsibilities needed no matter the length required to successfully complete a promotion or assignment. House are flexible, to be determined between the Promotions Manager and General Manger as needed.

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