Advertising, Marketing & PR Portfolios – What do they look like?

Your website and print portfolio should have a minimum of 3 projects with a bit of narrative for each.  That can be in the form of a case study, or by describing your:

  • challenge
  • solution or strategy
  • outcome or execution

These titles will vary based on the type of project.

For print portfolios, you can create the work in Word or Powerpoint, then save as a pdf & print it yourself, or with an On Demand print service like PrestoPhoto or Blurb. These sites require you to upload your COMPLETE pdf of the portfolio, with prices ranging based on size & number of pages.  They typically take 2-3 weeks to come back so give yourself ample time to receive it before you need it.

Your portfolio should have a cover, table of contents with the projects listed, followed by the projects, and a contact page at the end with your name, telephone, website, & email address.  You do NOT need to include your resume.  (see examples below)

If you have longer projects (15+ pages, you can still identify the challenge, solution, execution, etc. and show a few pages from the project with the words at the bottom:

“to see this project in its entirety, visit my website.”

This shows the viewer that there is more to see, but keeps the print book short enough so it’s not over 45-50 pages.


Art Direction:


Strategic Planning:

Account Management:


Public Relations:



Art Direction:


Strategic Panning:

Account Management/Planning:!portfolio/cjg9


Public Relations:

There are many options for choosing a template-based web platform for showing your work. Both Squarespace & Photoshelter have some great Getting Started videos. We also like Virb, Yola, aphotofolio, hasaportfolio, and a few others you can find here.

You can still get a Virb site for 1 year free be creating an account at