Dance Portfolios

For dancers and other students in performing arts, live performance work is best viewed online in the form of short video clips and still photographs.  Accompanying those elements should be a short narrative about each project/piece.

If you do not have a website, there are a number of template based web platforms available. Both Squarespace & Photoshelter have some great Getting Started videos. We also like Virb, Yola, aphotofolio, hasaportfolio, and a few other you can find here.

If you have video of your performances and need software suggestions to help you edit or convert work, there are a number of free options to help you. If you’re on Windows Vista, Movie Maker 6 is included & easy to use.  If you’re on a Mac and looking for an alternative to iMovie, iSkySoft makes a free editor here.


Jonathan Fredrickson, Hubbard Street Dancer


Johnny McMillan


Julie Brannen, Creative Arts Therapies


If you are interested in making a smaller print book that feels like a “zine” there are companies that will print these for you.  The book/zine itself would still have to be designed in Word, Powerpoint, or InDesign, and saved as a pdf before uploading.


While this example is for more of a small company that also teaches, you can get an idea of how to organize text & photos, including links to URL’s of live performances.

This is a press kit for another company that again shows a mix of visuals and narrative to give great insight.

If you have larger videos that need compression, this article is very helpful.

If you prefer video tutorials: check out this video.